A Surprising Personal Encounter with Jesus Christ

Sermon for May 22, 2016
Trinity Sunday
John 16:12-15

 “I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.”

I recently experienced the Holy Trinity in yoga class.   Yes, I experienced the Holy Trinity.  And, Yes, I was in yoga class.  (Not sure which you might find more surprising…)  It was one of those “Relax and Renew” classes for deep-stretching, with maybe four poses in an hour, a class that one of my friends calls “an orchestrated nap.”  For this particular stretch each of us was curled in a fetal-like position on the floor but with our torso twisted stomach-down on a bolster, a stretch meant to open lower backs and hips.  As I stretched and listened to the soft music and looked across the room, I saw adults of all shapes and sizes curled on their bolsters, like babies lined up in a nursery: there was a petite older woman, small and looking frail; there was the big guy (BIG!), looking like a hibernating bear; there was the familiar silhouette of my wife, always beautiful.   I suddenly welled up as I realized:  “This must be how God’s sees us.”   Gazing on us tenderly, like beloved children; gazing on us, “delighting in the human race.”  I was in a room filled with people loved by God!  LOVED!! Continue reading