Real & Fruitful Humility

As to your Lent—no physical hardships beyond what normal life provides—but take each of these as serenely and gratefully as you can and make them your humble offerings to God.  Don’t reduce sleep. Don’t get up in the cold.  Practice more diligently the art of turning to God with some glance or phrase of love or trust at all spare moments of the day….Be especially kind and patient with those who irritate you….Instead of wasting energy in being disgusted with yourself, accept your own failures and just say to God ‘Well, in spite of all I may say or fancy, this is what I am really like—so please help my weakness.’ This, not self-disgust, is the real and fruitful humility.

                                                                                                                                                                           —The Letters of Evelyn Underhill



Union with God

icon_transfiguration1The mystics keep telling us that the goal of prayer and the— goal of our hidden life which should itself become more and more of a prayer— is union with God. We use that phrase often, much too often, to preserve the wholesome sense of its awe-fulness. For what does union with God mean? It is not a nice feeling we get in devout moments. That may or may not be a bi-product of union — probably not. It can never be its substance. Union with God means every bit of our human nature transfigured in Christ, woven up into his creative life and activity, absorbed into his redeeming purpose, heart, soul, mind and strength. Each time it happens it means that one of God’s creatures has achieved its destiny.

— From The Light of Christ by Evelyn Underhill (1875-1941)