Changing Season

(Offertory for the Sixth Sunday of Easter, 1 May 2016)

road-1072823_960_720Summer is passing, even as our climate here in Massachusetts clings to a pattern of dry yet humid weather that has dominated for much of the season.  The sun tells the tale without ambiguity: this morning it rose after 6:00, and it will be dark by the time my child is tucked into bed this evening.

Autumn leads us into times of harvest and work, thanksgiving and celebration, new endeavors and a new year in many traditions.  As we make our preparations, listen below for a memory of the preceding season in the church year, Easter.  The anthem is the second of Five Mystical Songs by Ralph Vaughan Williams (Trinity Parish’s choir returns for the eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost, 18 September).

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Music Selection from Palm Sunday

Music at Trinity Parish
(Communion for Palm Sunday, 20 March 2016)

Welcome to a new endeavor for Trinity Parish online!  This spring we began recording the entirety of Sunday worship with the express aim of picking up the music that we sing in order to share some of it with our wider community.  For technical reasons, including copyright, we are unable to post everything, but our hope is this will give you a taste of what we listen to and participate in week to week.

220px-hugo_distlerOur first offering comes from Communion on the Feast of Palm Sunday.  The choir motet is by 20th century composer Hugo Distler (1908–1942), from Der Jahrkreis, a collection of works for two or three voices spanning the liturgical year and expressly written for use in church services.  The text is a familiar one to Anglicans, having been memorably set by John Stainer in his oratorio The Crucifixion: “God so loved the world”.

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