Into Upstate New York

Last Sighting: Rochester, NY

Below are photos from our ride over the Canadian side of Lake Erie:  Our campsite overlooking Lake Erie last Friday, July 7. Lilies growing wild along the road – there were lots of these lilies along roads north of Lake Erie!  Buffalo, NY, from the Canadian side. Traffic on the Peace Bridge leading to the border checkpoint at Buffalo; this checkpoint goes much more quickly on a bicycle.

Here are photos from our two days off in Rochester, NY:  With one of my nieces. At Naked Dove Brewing in Canandaigua. Shaw and me at Stoney Brook State Park in Danville, NY. Shaw with my sister, also at Stoney Brook.

We are nearly home!  Only 420 miles to Newton. We should be there in about a week.



One thought on “Into Upstate New York

  1. Todd, so glad to hear the weather got sunnier—now probably too sunny! Good luck with the last leg of the trip. We look forward to your and Shaw’s homecoming and cant wait to hear the stories!
    Martha and Blair

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