In Northern Michigan

Last spotted at Ossineke State Forest

ossineke-state-forestI write to update you on how the trip is going. We are currently (Monday, July 3) camped at Ossineke State Forest south of Alpena, Michigan, on the Huron coast. After several weeks of rain, the forecast for this week is beautiful:  cool, sunny, and very little rain.  We took a day off on Saturday (June 30), and our host for the evening took us sailing on Little Traverse Bay (top photo). Shaw, who learned to sail at Community Boating at the Charles River basin, put his skills to good use on a gusty day, helping our host guide her 28 foot boat around the bay.

We rode up to Mackinaw City, at the tip of Michigan’s “mitten,” along Michigan 119, a picturesque and locally famous road that runs along the bluffs high above Lake Michigan, and that was once an Indian trail. Shaw took my picture there during a break.

The third photo is the two of us at the Straits of Mackinaw, between Michigan’s Lower and Upper Peninsulas. The famous – and very long (6 miles?) – Mackinaw Bridge is behind us. Not a minute after the kind lady snapped our photo, we were caught in a sudden and heavy downpour – the weather is quite unpredictable at the confluence of Lakes Superior, Michigan and Huron!

Today, Monday, we rode the Northeastern State Trail 70 miles to Alpena. Much of the route is through national forest and is quite remote. It was good to have a day on a bike trail without traffic. The photo is of Shaw, en route.

We’ll be in Michigan only a few more days before crossing into Canada to bike the north coast of Lake Erie, the last lake of this trip. It’s hard to believe, but with approximately 1,000 miles to go, we’re on the homeward stretch!


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