From Wisconsin to Michigan

Last Known Sighting: Petoskey, MI

Week 7

Below is a photo of some of the many cows we saw in Wisconsin. It is the “dairy state” after all. These curious ladies wanted over to us when we were at the side of the road putting on rain gear.

We happened to be in Milwaukee on the very day that that day’s  stage of the “Tour of America’s Dairyland” bicycle race was happening.  It was thrilling to watch!  I can’t think of anywhere besides Wisconsin where dairy farmers sponsor a bicycle race. And free chocolate milk was served to racers and spectators alike. Nice!

While in Racine, we had to sample some of the local Kringle, a delicious, butter-rich pastry of Danish origins. (Many Danes settled in Racine.). One of the perks of bicycling long distances is that we had the appetite to each eat our own.

Here is the last and final set of pictures from Wisconsin. The first is the skyline of Milwaukee on Lake Michigan. The second is of me as we are about to board the ferry from Milwaukee to Muskegon, Michigan.  Then, there is Shaw securing his bike in the hold, and finally a photo of us up on deck with Milwaukee in the background. The high- speed ferry makes the crossing in about two and a half hours.

I write you from traverse City, Michigan. Below are photos of our time so far in lower Michigan.  The first is of Shaw retrueing my wheel after repairing a broken spoke. It’s handy to have my own personal mechanic on this trip!  Revisit the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore on Tuesday, and the next photos were taken there.  The West Coast of Michigan has some of the largest sand dunes in the United States. Today, Thursday, we head from Traverse City up to Petoskey, where we will take a day off and stay with a family friend.


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