Todd’s Sabbatical Adventure- Week 4, Retreat at St. John’s

Here are some pics of the interior of the Abbey church, from top to bottom:  the altar area with the monks’ choir stalls surrounding, the baptistery at the church entrance, and the chapel where the sacrament is reserved. The sacrament is in the gold-colored box to the left, and the candle in the niche to the right. The sculpture is of John the Baptist, who stands near the font.

St John’s Abbey is near the “Lake Wobegon Bicycle Trail,” some of which I ride everyday so as not to lose conditioning while on retreat. Here is a photo of the trail itself – converted from the old St Paul & Pacific rail bed – as well as one of the mile marker signs. Each mile marker sign is accompanied by an admonition (from Garrison Keillor’s “A Prairie Home Companion” radio show?) such as “Be Kind,” “Be Thankful,” “Be Generous,” etc. Finally, I know I’m in the Midwest when dessert is “Chex Scotcheroo Balls.”  Retreat is going well; grateful for the time.

FYI, When I’m done sending photos of the Abbey, enough for people to get a sense of the place, I’m likely to go into “radio silence ” and retreat space, until next Wednesday or Thursday. So if you don’t hear from me for a week, that’s why.


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