Todd’s Sabbatical Adventure- Week 4, Onto St. John’s Abbey

I try to get an early start every morning, to beat the traffic and the wind.  The first photo is of a farm near Hinckley, where I spent Tuesday night.  The next is from a farm near Mora. I don’t know if you can see them, but there are multiple newborn calves in the picture. Then, I had no idea at the Mississippi ran through St. Cloud, in the middle of the state. What a surprise!

I arrived safely in Collegeville today, where I will make a week’s retreat at St. John’s Abbey, a Benedictine monastery.  My ride today took me through small town Minnesota.  As you can see from the signs, some of the towns were very small indeed!

Below is the chapel with its “banner” bell tower, the exterior of the guesthouse where I will be making my retreat, and the retreat house dining room. It is beautiful here! And I’m very grateful for the time to make this retreat. Architect of St John’s Abbey chapel is Marcel Breuer.

And here are some more photos of the Abbey guest house, the library and the patio overlooking the lake.




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