Todd’s Sabbatical Adventure- Week 3, Wednesday

I arrived safely in Thunder Bay this afternoon. Tomorrow, Thursday, I will return to the US at Grand Marais, in northern Minnesota. Here are some photos from yesterday, May 24. They are of Nipigon Bay, on the north side of Lake Superior.  It was my most challenging day of cycling so far, in terms of hills.  But it was also very beautiful.

In Nipigon Bay, I met some eastbound cyclists. They began in Vancouver last September, then worked the ski season in Jackson Hole, and are now continuing their journey east. No sooner had they taken my picture, than a bald eagle flew by below.  (We are quite high up, here.). But I wasn’t able to get a good picture of it.

Here is a photo of Sleeping Giant, a famous landmark off the coast of Thunder Bay. As you can see from the photo, today, Wednesday, was a beautiful day!  Clear and dry, with a high near 60. Perfect for cycling! As you can also see from the photo, Spring has barely come to the North Shore of Superior.  The trees are only just budding, and the tulips have only just come out. Tomorrow, on to Minnesota!
FullSizeRender (3)



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