Todd’s Sabbatical Adventure- Week 3

Last Known Location: Nipigon Bay, North Shore of Lake Superior

Here are some pictures from the Eastern shore of Lake superior, taken in Lake superior provincial park, along the trans Canada Highway.  I had no idea it would be so dramatically beautiful here! Reminds me a bit of Big Sur out in California.

This was my campsite in Lake Superior provincial Park.  It was May 19, the very first day they open for the season. I had my choice of sites, so I set up right across from the beach. The first is sunset from my campsite. The second is the bear bin, to which the park rangers  gave me a key to keep my food.  The last is of my tent and bicycle. It got down to 29° that night. Brrrr!  (But cold temperatures mean fewer bugs, which is good.)

Here are some pictures of the trans Canada Highway along the eastern shore of Superior. The trees there were barely budding. On the north side of superior, where I am now, in a town called marathon, the trees haven’t even budded yet! I saw snow still on the ground yesterday, Saturday. But I did see some crocus coming up, so spring is close!

Here are three photos of Katherine Cove, on the Eastern shore of Lake superior.  I couldn’t believe how beautiful and peaceful it was here. It was almost as though I was in the Maldives, except for the pine trees. Oh, and the water is about 40°, if that! (The average surface temperature of Lake Superior is 40°, though they say it can get up to 55 by early September.) Another great spot on the Eastern shore of Lake superior was old woman Bay. These two photos I just sent you are from Nipigon Bay. I just found that out from a local.  He tells me it’s the best brown trout fishing in the world.


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