Todd’s Sabbatical Adventure- Middle of Week 2

Last Known Sighting- Sault Sainte Marie, Canada

Hello, everybody!  Here are some recent photos.  They are all from Manitoulin Island:  The view from the site of an old Jesuit mission, my campsite in Sheguiandah, on the island, and a plaque commemorating the Jesuit mission.  More to come. Hope all is well back at Trinity! I’m so grateful for this time.

On Monday, May 15th, I turned onto the trans Canada Highway, which will be my road for the remainder of my trip in Canada, all the way through Thunder Bay. Within a few miles, I overtook a couple from Poland, Agnes and Mike, who are pictured here. They are going all the way to Vancouver! They also took my picture.

And, lastly, here are: a “glam” shot of my bike at sunrise along Lake Huron (I always get an early start); poutine, which is chicken gravy over fries, which seems to be the national dish of Canada; and if you are for Lake Huron from the trans Canada Highway.

I am currently taking a day off in Sault Sainte Marie, before I make the long trip north around Lake Superior. The next four days will be the most challenging of the trip because the distances are so long between campsites or towns.

I meet  all kinds of people while bicycling. This is Ian, a young man from Britain, who was planning on cycling across Canada, but under budgeted and is having to stop in in Sault Ste. Marie.  We are outside the bicycle store in Sault Sainte Marie that lets trans Canada cyclists camp on the property and use its washroom. Ian flies back to the UK on Thursday.


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