Todd’s Sabbatical Adventure- Week One

circle tourFrom April 24 through July 24, Fr. Miller will be on sabbatical.  He already spent the first week relaxing at the rectory in Newton, and now is experiencing a circle tour of the Great Lakes on his bicycle which began Friday, May 5 with a road trip to Vermont and will conclude in Boston sometime later in July.  His son will fly to join him in Duluth, Minnesota, in mid-June for the ride back to Boston.  See below for the map and the first installment of pictures with captions to explain.

Weather permitting, he should have passed through Sault Ste. Marie in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and have begun heading north around Lake Superior by next weekend, May 21. But there is a lot of rain in the forecast, so we’ll see…


One thought on “Todd’s Sabbatical Adventure- Week One

  1. Those who are following closely may have noticed that the progress map has been updated above. That is after the administrator looked more closely at the referenced places and determined that our intrepid traveler had already progressed much farther than my initial estimates. I have also added a link to his last known location which leads to a handier, more interactive Google map just below our static map. Happy virtual traveling and pray for our good pastor to complete his journey in good time and spirits!

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