A Living Stranger

rembr11Easter means coming to the memory of Jesus looking for consolation and finding instead a memory that hurts and judges, that sets a distance—even an alienation—between me and my hope, my Saviour.  Easter occurs again and again in this opening up of a void, in the absence that questions our egocentric aspirations and longing for a “tidy drama.” It occurs when we find in Jesus not a dead friend, but a living stranger…So the void of the tomb and the unrecognizable face of the risen Lord both speak of the challenge of Easter to a God who is not primarily “the God of our conditions.”  The Lordship of Jesus is not constructed from a recollection, but is experienced in the encounter with one who evades our surface desires and needs, and will not subserve the requirements of our private dramas.

— From Resurrection by Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams (b. 1950)


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