Redemption in the Desert

palm-sunday-029The desert in our lives is the place where in our poverty, our sin and our need we come to know the Lord… Part of our poverty may be that we are not even aware of our longing for God, only aware of the suffocating burden of our own sinfulness, of the slum within. But the desert is the place of confrontation not just with our sins, but with the power of God’s redemption. You come to see it as the place where there can be springing water, manna to keep you going, the strength you never knew you had, the surprise of the quail that plops down at your feet, a tenderness that cares for you and a knowing Lord. These things are not the Promised Land, but they are tokens of love and may be sacraments of glory. Your life, your prayer, can be the wilderness to which you must look steadfastly if you would see the glory of God.

— From The Coming of God by Maria Boulding (1929-2009)



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