Solitude and Communion

He who is ‘in Christ,’ is never solitary in the sense of being isolated from others. . . . He cannot be unalive to that ultimate, triumphant sense of unity with his brother whom he sees in the place where every man stands before God. He can have no sense of antagonism or indifference towards any human being, for though there are those who are not yet reborn, yet he sees in every man a potential child of God, a potential brother in Christ, a potential member of the same heavenly family in union with which he rejoices. Those who love solitude rejoice in it, rejoice in that condition which alone can make them conscious of the ‘great multitude which no man can number of every nation and kindred and tongue which stand before the throne and before the Lamb.’

– From letters of Shirley Carter Hughson, OHC (1867-1949)


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