Prayer in Tribulation

O Blessed Jesus, who after thou hadst ended thy glorious Sermon, and Prayer for thy Apostles, wentest forth over the Brook Cedron into the Mount of Olives, to Gethsemane, where was a Garden into which thou didst enter, tho’ thou knewest thou shouldst be apprehended and taken there; yet so much didst thou long for our Redemption, that thou wouldst not delay thine own Sufferings any longer, but readily wentest to meet them:

I praise and magnify thy Name.

And I beseech thee make me as ready to meet and embrace Tribulation, when thou wilt have it so, as thou wert to meet Afflictions and Sufferings for me. Let the Sense of thy Love make me careful for nothing so much as that I may manifest and express my Love to thee. Amen.

Susanna Hopton (1627-1709)



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