Suffering For Love

For though the dear humanity of Christ could only suffer once, his goodness would always make him willing to do so – every day if need be. If he were to say that for love of me he would make a new heaven and a new earth, this would be a comparatively simple matter; something he could do every day if he wanted, with no great effort. But for love of me to be willing to die times without number – beyond human capacity to compute – is, to my mind, the greatest gesture our Lord God could make to the human soul. This is his meaning: ‘How could I not, out of love for you, do all I can for you? This would not be difficult, since for love of you I am ready to die often, regardless of the suffering.’

And here I saw that the love which made him suffer is as much greater than his pain as heaven is greater than earth. For his suffering was a noble and most worthy deed worked out by love in time — and his love has no beginning, but is now, and ever shall be. It was because of this love he said, ‘If I could possibly have suffered more, I would have done so.’ I saw Christ’s complete happiness; his happiness would not have been complete if it were at all possible to have done it better.

— From Revelations of Divine Love by Julian of Norwich (1342-1416)



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