The Bridge of the Cross

               The San Damiano Cross

Open your mind’s eye and look at the bridge of my only-begotten Son, and notice its greatness. Look! It stretches from heaven to earth, joining the earth of your humanity with the greatness of the Godhead. This is what I mean when I say it stretches from heaven to earth — through my union with humanity…

So the height stooped to the earth of your humanity, bridging the chasm between us and rebuilding the road. And why should he have made of himself a roadway? So that you might in truth come to the same joy as the angels. But although my Son has made of himself a bridge for you, he cannot bring you to life unless you make your way along that bridge.

O immeasurably tender love! Who would not be set afire with such love? What heart could keep from breaking! You, deep well of charity, it seems you are so madly in love with your creatures that you could not live without us! Yet you are our God, and have no need of us. Your greatness is no greater for our well-being, nor are you harmed by any harm that comes to us, for you are supreme eternal Goodness. What could move you to such mercy! Neither duty nor any need you have of us (we are sinful and wicked debtors) — but only love!

— From The Dialogue by Catherine of Siena (1347-1380)


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