The Desire of the Soul

Icon of Christ Not-Made-By-Human-Hands

And therefore I say that we never cease from sighs or tears. Tears do not mean physical tears of the eye only, but also the inner weeping of the spirit. For the natural desire of the soul is so vast and immeasurable that were it to be given for our comfort and solace all the finest that God has made in heaven and earth, but could not see the beautiful and blessed face of himself, our sighs and spiritual tears and painful longing would never cease until we saw the blessed countenance of our Maker. On the other hand, were we to be in the utmost pain that tongue and heart can think or tell, if then we could see his blessed face, none of this pain would distress us. So it is that the Beatific Vision is the end of every pain to the loving soul, and the fulfilment of every joy and blessing.

– From Revelations of Divine Love by Julian of Norwich (1342-1416)



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